Practising the Piano

Online Academy


The Practising the Piano Online Academy is the ultimate online resource for pianists, teachers and anyone seeking to master the piano. Featuring a comprehensive library of lessons, articles and resources, the it will transform the way you approach playing and teaching the piano. Click here for more information.

Multimedia eBook Series


There are surprisingly few books that deal with the art of practising. Given the amount of time an aspiring pianist needs to spend practising, it is very important to know exactly what to do in order to make the best use of this time. Practising the Piano will equip you with specific tools to help you every step of the way and will give you concrete skills to learn pieces, solve problems, memorise, and much more. Click here for more information.

Annotated Study Editions


Inspired by Alfred Cortot’s editions, our series of Annotated Study Editions will provide scores for popular pieces with annotations, fingering, footnotes and links. Drawing on material from the Online Academy and Multimedia eBook series, these scores will show you the best way to go about learning a piece and tackling its associated challenges! Click here to buy now.

Website & Blog

ptp-blog-and-website is the culmination of years of experience by Graham Fitch, one of the UK’s leading independent piano teachers. The site features over 100 free articles on many areas of piano playing including how to practise, correct errors,  memorise, deal with nerves and prepare for exams and performances.

From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up is a series devoted to learning individual pieces using outlines and reduced scores that help you to practise more effectively, memorize more consciously, and interpret music more creatively. Authored by Ken Johansen, co-founder of the Read Ahead sight-reading programme and professor at the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, the series will feature popular works from throughout the repertoire Click here for more information.

Tuning In – eBook Edition

By renowned pedagogue and psychologist Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Tuning In is for all instrumental and singing teachers and performers, whether they teach individually or in groups. Drawing on a wealth of psychological understanding, and practical music teaching and performing experience, it enables musicians to deepen their awareness and understanding as well as enhance and enrich their skills. Click here for more information.

The Art of Piano Fingering – eBook Edition

The art of piano fingering cover

The Art of Piano Fingering contains unique and enlightening explanations of how to finger in the most natural and musical way, with entirely new fingerings suggested for many scales and arpeggios. Essential reading for all pianists, piano teachers and piano students. Click here for more information.


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