Practising the Piano – Revised eBook Editions launched!

The Practising the Piano eBook series was originally launched in 2012 and has been read by thousands of pianists all over the world. We’ve been working on publishing revised editions in conjunction with the development of the Practising the Piano Online Academy and are pleased to announce that the first two parts are now available via our catalogue.


The revised editions feature a number of enhancements and updates, including:

  • New supplementary content
  • Numerous content updates and refinements
  • A printable PDF download option and additional download options for PC and Mac
  • Various formatting improvements
  • Enhanced video streaming via Vimeo
  • Improved download speeds from upgraded hosting infrastructure

The remaining parts (Part 3 and Part 4) are currently in production and will be added shortly. Our catalogue also features a discount bundle containing all four parts (Part 3 and Part 4 will automatically be delivered to bundle customers when they become available) for 20% off the combined individual part prices.

Click here to find out more about the series or click here to view the series catalogue.

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